“Battle Me”

by Destiny Johnson


Battle me.

Cause my mouth is free, my flow comes out effortlessly

On the ideas you see cause your wrong and im always right so im calling you out

To battle with poetry cause maybe youll listen this time

To the ones who says teen pregnacy is a mistake is mistaken

Cause my mamas baby sing better than clay aiken

Hang tight with missed statements

And beam bright without breaking

Her baby will hold hands with best

But never step over the rest

Her baby gone have the backbone of hero shrew

Never in the spot to lose hanging on like mothers do

She got her babies back too

To the ones who so ignorantly says teen pregnacy is a mistake

Is mistaken

Cause my mama gave us an education

Helped with homework even when frustrated

And worked nights so her kids day was filled with her.

She was a teen parent

Nights long like rich grocery lists

Days short like weekends

My mama made time

She shined so bright her rays burnt us

The queen of the circus juggling reality on her shoulder blades it was magical

So to the ones who say teen pregnancy is a mistake is mistaken

Cause not only did my mama raise us

She bathed us

She fed and changed us

She loved us

She was us

And she did it with no hesitation

No communication just instinct insisting she raise her kids

As she raise herself as she grow up and blow up

Her kids watch her mold up to the woman today

She was a teen parent

But you would only know by the face

Cause her mindset is three times her age

But people only look for the mistakes that their mistaken on

Cause she made none

So whoever said teen pregnancy is a mistaken

Is mistaken

And my mama would love to argue on that missed statement.