Editorial Policy

The Howl is the student-designed digital publication of Oswego East High School, whose purpose is to respect the ethical and legal guidelines that govern the student press.

The Howl strives to provide students with accurate, informational, entertaining, and diverse student news, recognizing the responsibility of democracy as related to professional student journalism.

The Howl observes the same ethical and legal responsibilities as those imposed on all news media and refrains from unprotected speech, which includes the publication of material deemed obscene, defamatory, likely to incite lawlessness or violence, invasion of privacy, in violation of guidelines published in the district’s student handbook, in violation of copyright law, deceptive or misleading, or substantially disruptive to school activities.

The Howl provides a forum for student expression, and students are encouraged to submit letters to the editor for the purpose of free expression, and every effort will be made by the editorial staff to publish these letters. Letters must be signed as “okay to print” and will not be published if unsigned. All letters and guest columns are subject to editing for content, grammar, and length. The staff reserves the right to refuse the publication of a letter.

Staff editorials, although written by a single writer, are written on the behalf of and represent the majority opinion of the staff.

All student columns and critical reviews represent the opinions of the student columnist and do not represent the opinion of the staff as a whole, of Oswego East High School, or of Oswego Community School District #308.

Letters may be delivered via e-mail to jquery@sd308.org.