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Hollywood, biased media need to stay in their lane

Side by Side

As those in politics become more divisive, Hollywood and others get in on the acerbic action.

Feminism is not a dirty word

Radicalism has stained the image of what it really means to be a feminist.

STAFF: Make academics first at E-A-S-T

Incentives may be the solution for better grades in high school.

The freedom of choice is the freedom to deny service

In the case of the controversial story of Jack Phillips refusing to bake a wedding cake for a same sex couple, the nation turns its eyes towards the supreme court decision.

Banning ‘best friends’ is not enough

Helicopter parents, rejoice! There’s a startling new way to protect kids from the dangers of the outside world.

Stop fighting it. The travel ban could save thousands of American lives.


The Supreme Court has upheld the Trump administration’s controversial travel ban on Muslim majority  countries. In an era of radical Islamic terrorist attacks, the President is acting on behalf of the American people.

I hate Christmas. Don’t hate me.

candy cane

Christmastime means something different to families who don’t spend the holidays with family.

Millennials, why socialism? Why Bernie Sanders?


Bernie Sanders ensures that socialism and communism, despite their glaring flaws, maintain an attractive foothold with America’s millennials.

STAFF: Thanksgiving is a time for unity, not divisiveness

dinner 2

At the end of a long year of anger and frustration and political hostility, it’s important to remember that the dinner table can be a safe place to build memories this year.

Thanksgiving not so much about giving thanks anymore

As what has become known as Black Friday carves deeper and deeper into the Thanksgiving meal, it would appear that people no longer appreciate the notion of giving thanks, as they should. It’s time for people to give thanks for what they have, not to look forward to what they want.

Affirmative action: There is no such thing as ‘positive discrimination’

Affirmative action policies have a profound yet often times overlooked negative effect on higher education, often creating more problems than it was intended to solve.

Girl Scout patch fails to stitch up gender inequality

A new initiative spearheaded by the Girl Scouts hopes to encourage young girls to take a more active role in participating in large group discussions in the classroom. It’s intended to help in nurturing more assertive girls these days. But is an embroidered patch the solution? This columnist asserts herself: “Absolutely not.”

Presidential phone calls don’t fix anything

Controversy regarding Trump’s conversation with the widow of a fallen soldier sparks a national conversation. Should the phone call have taken place in the first place?

STAFF: Misconduct no longer a matter of ‘boys being boys’

With accusations mounting against more and more famous figureheads throughout Hollywood, sexual misconduct & harassment is suddenly being recognized as a systemic problem. It can also be a local one, even in the hallways of  Oswego East.

Stricter gun control leads to greater gun-related crime

In the wake of Las Vegas, the gun control debate has been reloaded. But many do not understand the dangers that come with stronger gun control laws.



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