Setting the stage: Musical duo Gracie & Skylar turn heads with live performances


They’ll start in Oswego, IL, in a tiny coffeeshop. Here’s hoping the big stage is next as senior Skylar Korzen & early graduate Gracie Robinson bring their inimitable sound to the world.

From city to suburbs: East graduate Antwaine Macklin to play at AU


Bred in Chicago, IL. Bettered in Oswego, IL. When the lights come up next fall, East graduate Antwaine Macklin’s next stop will be Aurora University. From there, the rest of the world awaits …

Party of five: Junior Ashlyn Pearson pieces together family history of hope


Pulling herself and her brothers from the difficult reality of adoption, junior Ashlyn Pearson says that her “now” family is the family that was always intended.

Early graduate Carmen Vizin-Esquivel’s activism allows her to find self, purpose

Carmen DECK

Coming from a multicultural background, Carmen Vizin-Esquivel uses her unique perspective and empathy to fight for the the rights of her own and others’ communities.

A strong smile: Junior Gabby Bostwick overcomes challenge of Type 1 Diabetes


As vice-president of East’s Book Club, junior Gabby Bostwick is a fan of sharing stories — filled with adventure, filled with humor, filled with heartbreak. But as a young person living with Type 1 Diabetes, Gabby’s own story has been just as singular.

No blank canvas: One student artist’s soul through shadow & light


Sophomore Michaela Miller has taken adversity & turned it into artwork. Now she looks to the future for an opportunity to continue expressing herself in her unique way.

A safe space in sports: Sophomore Genevieve Hankins feels at home on the rugby field

Genevieve 2

Playing for the Chiefs, sophomore Genevieve Hankins breaks gender stereotypes and discovers a welcoming LGBTQ+ community.

Senior Josh Mabazza practices empathy in the medical field


Outside East’s halls, senior Josh Mabazza follows in his family’s footsteps by building a sense of family with those that he works with in the medical field.

Senior Viktoriya Ulman mines Oswego East as Ukrainian student in America


With one foot in Europe & one foot in North America, senior Viktoriya Ulman has made Illinois & Oswego East her home for more than two years. And what home it has been to her … !

Senior Kyle Cachero weathers life with the written & unwritten word

Cachero studio

Senior Kyle Cachero sits in his homemade studio, the very place where he’s taking the worst parts of his life and turning them into something tonally therapeutic.

A Part of the Seams: Senior Andre Dixon stitches success with clothing brand



Weaving together a love of music & fashion, senior Andre Dixon is on-track to bring his inimitable style to the world.

“That’s just who I am”: sophomore Grace Thompson shares her rarefied story of growing up


Leap of faith: At 18, senior Meghan Kenny realizes dream of skydiving


Turning 18 comes with so many new opportunities. Legally recognized as an adult, some students look forward to the right to vote. For senior Meghan Kenny, turning 18 meant the opportunity to risk life & limb by skydiving.

Seeing double: Twin fashion models pose with impact

twins 4_finish

As junior fashion models, Ja’nae & Jala Lenon bring a unique femininity to everyday utility war.