Senior Ford Frazer puts his head & feet to good use as student athlete


Senior #7 Ford Frazer looks to take possession of the ball against Romeoville. “I’m always looking to take possession have the ball at my feet,” Frazer said. Photo courtesy of Colleen Olson.


by Scott Clarke, STAFF WRITER

9 October 2018


There are a lot of words to describe senior Ford Frazer. Goofball, captain, class clown, hard worker; the list goes on and on. Most importantly, Ford is the embodiment of a student athlete. Leading the team in goals scored this year, he is a big reason as to why the boys’ soccer team is off to their best start in history.

“My mindset going into the season was to be a good captain on and off the field. I also wanted to win and score,” Ford said.

He also attributes his great performance to his strict game preparation. Preparation for a game can be the most important thing to performing at a high level.

“My preparation is to drink tons of water the day before. I stay away from junk food and I usually listen to alternative music to calm me down and keep me focused on the task ahead,” he said.

Ford has been a three-year varsity player, earning the honor of team captain his junior year.

Ford has been a pleasure to coach his 4 years here at Oswego East, he is a very fun kid with a great personality.  Ford has a great work ethic and a strong desire to win,” Head Coach Stephen Szymanski said. “Ford is an excellent competitor, and someone who expects the most out of his teammates.  This season Ford has really shown great leadership abilities especially in the preseason. He does this by encouraging younger players and pushing them in drills and conditioning.”

“He is always the most positive and hard working kid on the field; no matter what the situation is he can always put a smile on you face,” junior teammate Kyle Blasingame said. “He is great at bringing the team together as a family and treats everyone on the team like a brother.”

His leadership is a big reason why he may be the “winningest” player in East varsity soccer history.

While any student athlete can relate to juggling rigorous courses and sports as a struggle, Ford sports a 3.9 grade point average even with practicing every day of the week. 

“Time management is key. I usually find myself lacking in sleep so I try to catch up on sleep and school during the weekend so I am well rested for the upcoming week,” he said.

Ford comes from a family of soccer players, as his siblings Madison and Jackson both play soccer.

“Having siblings that are also soccer players contributes to his competitiveness. Ford and his brother played varsity for one year together and you can tell he fed off of Jackson,” his mother Amy Frazer said.

Ford attributes his success to his parents too, something that both his mother, Amy, and his father Cary take pride in.

“The sacrifices that I have made in Ford’s career have been worth it. Seeing your son succeed at such a high level really puts a smile on my face and makes it all worth it,” his mother said.

“Most families spend their time on vacations, however we spend our time at soccer tournaments. If you would ask me if I would do all of this again, the answer would be a resounding yes,” his father Cary said.

As for his future in soccer, Ford said that he would like to play in college but is keeping his future plans open for the moment.

“I have not received any offers yet, but as my interest grows in college so does the college’s interest in me. We will see what happens for the rest of the year though,” he said. I know I am a great leader, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me. I know I have a very bright future ahead of me.”



Scott Clarke is a staff writer for Oswego East High School’s online news magazine the Howl