Rebecca Anderson
Rebecca Anderson is a junior at East and currently a writer for the Howl. Rebecca has had a love for writing since she was little, when she would scribble poems in crayon and create short stories on sticky note pads. Since then, she’s participated in writing classes throughout her life and is excited to try out journalism for the first time. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to hone her writing skills and work with the rest of the staff. Rebecca is a jack of all trades, with interests in the arts, video games, politics, and more.

Samantha Anderson
Samantha Anderson is a senior and staff writer for the Howl. Despite her busy schedule which includes school, soccer, and work, she enjoys reading, bike riding, and listening to podcasts in her free time. As an active participant within the school, Samantha is a member of the National English Honor Society, National Honor Society, Rho Kappa, and girls’ varsity soccer team. While pursuing a journalism major is not in her future, Samantha loves to take a variety of English classes to challenge herself as a writer and is excited to contribute to the Howl this year.

Aryav Bothra
Aryav Bothra is a junior at East and is currently the Personality Editor for the Howl. When not completing homework from a variety of challenging classes, Aryav pursues his interests in debate, science, and, of course, writing. Part of many clubs at East including Mu Alpha Theta, Business Professionals of America, Model UN, and Science Olympiad, there are no shortage of activities to keep him busy. Despite participating in so many clubs and taking many AP classes, Aryav’s wistful love for writing has always been in abundance. From a young age, the idea of writing has always fascinated him, being a source of great pride and interest for Aryav. Developing his skills with years of English classes and self-interest, Aryav is excited to finally bring his writing to the world with the Howl.

Deshna Chitrarasu
Deshna Chitrarasu is a senior and staff writer for the Howl. As a leader in the Business Professionals of America Club and the Political Action Club, Deshna is passionate about helping others and being involved in the community. She is also an active member of various honors societies. Outside of school, Deshna enjoys playing the piano and participating in Bharatanatyam, a type of Indian classical dance. In her free time, she loves to read many different types of books and listen to podcasts about current world issues. Though she doesn’t plan to pursue journalism in the future, Deshna is passionate about writing and telling stories that need to be heard.

Elizabeth Dyer
Elizabeth Dyer is a senior and the Arts & Entertainment Editor for the Howl. She is looking forward to a great year of learning more about journalism and writing about what goes on around the school. Elizabeth is a member of the band program, where she also finds she spends a lot of her time during and after school. She is one of the drum majors of the marching band and enjoys building her leadership and musical abilities through this role. Elizabeth is also a leader in the school’s Ecology Club. She is passionate about the environment and looks forward to helping the school move towards more environmentally friendly habits. When she’s not practicing the trumpet, playing piano, or studying, Elizabeth may be found reading or spending time with family and friends.

Liam Fitzpatrick
Liam Fitzpatrick is a senior and a staff writer for the Howl. It is his first time on staff and he is excited to learn more about journalism. Liam enjoys science and engineering and wants to pursue engineering for a career, and is the captain of the bowling team in which he spends a lot of time practicing his game and competing. When Liam isn’t working or practicing, he likes spending time with family or playing basketball and watching movies with friends.

Kennedy Hampton
Kennedy Hampton is a sophomore at Oswego East High School. She is excited about learning more about journalism and hoping to use its content to help her with her dream of becoming a movie producer. In Kennedy’s free time, she likes to read & write short stories, draw characters, and watch scary movies. She also was a member of BSA (Black Student Association) freshman year and a member of KPC (K-Pop Club) last year and this year.

Mariel Herrera
Mariel Herrera is a junior at Oswego East High School and a writer for the Howl. She is a current member of Rho Kappa and National German Honor Society. Mariel enjoys learning about cultures and languages from around the world and is on her way to becoming trilingual. She is steadily working towards her dream of attending university in Europe or Asia and is exploring journalism as a possible career choice. Mariel is excited to try new writing styles, talk to people of all backgrounds and share their stories.

Charles Jaegle
Charles Jaegle is a junior at East and a writer for the Howl. He competes with the varsity football team in the fall and runs on the track team in the spring. His primary focus concerns covering sports-related media at the high school. Charles’ passion for covering sports began early on while watching SportsCenter and reading Sports Illustrated since the 5th grade.

Alex Prince
Alex Prince is a senior at East and is currently the Features Editor for the Howl. His first spark of interest for writing occurred in eighth grade, when his English teacher encouraged him to enter his short story from class into the district writing contest. Subsequently finishing first in the fictitious short story category, Alex has been compelled to strengthen his writing skills and express his many, and sometimes scrambled, thoughts into tangible words for those around him to enjoy. Alex has a particular intent in people and their passions, leading him to become intrigued by movies, art, and music, in particular.

Kaitlin Riley
Kaitlyn Riley is a junior and staff writer for the Howl. She appreciates journalism and the artistry behind it. Kaitlyn is an avid reader and enjoys reading about new worlds of fantasy and fiction. She is also enthusiastic about horror films, which she watches all year round. When Kaitlyn is not reading or watching films, she may be found sleeping — dreaming of the worlds she reads about.

Ruchir Sukhadia

Sriya Veeramachaneni
Sriya Veeramachaneni is currently a senior at East and the Assistant Opinion Editor for the Howl. It is her first time writing for the Howl, and she looks forward to learning more about journalism throughout the year. Sriya is a member of Science Olympiad, Business Professionals of America, and several honors societies at East. In her free time, she enjoys playing music, listening to podcasts, reading, or watching TV. Her love for science, the humanities, and helping other people makes her an aspiring doctor. While a career in journalism is not in her future, Sriya continues to pursue writing as an informative and expressive outlet. She is excited to challenge herself as a writer and contribute to the Howl this year.