Gabrielle Bostwick
Gabrielle Bostwick is a senior at East and a staff writer for the Howl. Gabrielle volunteers at her local park district center to grow food for homeless people during the summer, which is right down the street from where she is a manager at Jimmy John’s. She is also the President of the Book Club at East and loves to read. In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching TV, and writing poetry.
Aryav Bothra
Aryav Bothra is a sophomore at East and is currently a staff writer for the Howl. When not completing homework from a variety of challenging classes, Aryav pursues his interests in debate, science, and, of course, writing. Part of many clubs at East including Mu Alpha Theta, Business Professionals of America, Model UN, and Science Olympiad, there are no shortage of activities to keep him busy. Despite participating in so many clubs and taking many AP classes, Aryav’s wistful love for writing has always been in abundance. From a young age, the idea of writing has always fascinated him, being a source of great pride and interest for Aryav. Developing his skills with years of English classes and self-interest, Aryav is excited to finally bring his writing to the world with the Howl.
Sahishnu Boyapally
Sahishnu Boyapally is a senior at East. He’s lived in Aurora for all his life. Sahishnu also plays many different sports, including basketball and tennis. He enjoys spending time with family and friends.
Cecilia Cantu
Cecilia Cantu is a senior student journalist for the Howl. Concluding her high school tenure with a return to the staff, Cece has attended two national high school journalism conventions in the past two years, competing last year in Chicago, IL. Over the course of her career as a student journalist, Cece has served as a news writer, columnist, and now pop culture critic for the publication.
Olivia Cluchey
Olivia Cluchey is a freshman staff writer, the first of her kind to work for the Howl. While how she got into class may be a mystery, her motives are anything but. Olivia first found her passion for writing when a neighboring fourth grade class begged for a sequel to a short story she wrote for her AT English class. While she may have never written the sequel, she did start herself on the direction towards developing her love for language and story in as many ways as she can. Once Olivia is finished with her homework, chess team, ballet, Book Club, KPop Club, debate team, and community service work, she tries to read, watch a lot of Netflix, and translate her French homework into Japanese. Obviously, she hardly has the time for all that these days, but she is trying her best.
Jayna Dias is a senior editor for the Howl, with particular interests revolving around features and opinion pieces. The junior may not be too fond of writing; however, her teacher and mentor Justin Query believes she has a talent for it. Jayna’s strong opinions and beliefs make for engaging columns, as well as lend to her love of the arts and drawing. Although she is not employed and therefore penniless, she seems to want to continue that trend by studying illustration and animation after her high school years come to an end. Jayna is also one of the captains on the Oswego East girls’ track team and can be found lifting weights when she’s not sketching or typing up a new article. Jayna also serves as the publication’s Personality Editor.
Elizabeth Dyer
Elizabeth Dyer is a junior and staff writer for the Howl. She is looking forward to a great year of learning more about journalism and writing about what goes on around the school. Elizabeth is a member of the band program, where she also finds she spends a lot of her time during and after school. She is one of the drum majors of the marching band and enjoys building her leadership and musical abilities through this role. Elizabeth is also a leader in the school’s Ecology Club. She is passionate about the environment and looks forward to helping the school move towards more environmentally friendly habits. When she’s not practicing the trumpet, playing piano, or studying, Elizabeth may be found reading or spending time with family and friends.
Alex Gerald
Alex Gerald is currently a junior at East and a staff writer for the Howl. Alex was born and raised here in Aurora, IL, and has lived in the same house for 16 years. When he’s not doing boring homework, Alex likes to play video games and binge TV shows. He also runs track & field and plans to join OE’s team in the spring. After high school, Alex plans to go to a four-year university and study Game Art + Design. Alex’s dream is to work in a video game-related field.
Genevieve Hankins
Genevieve Hankins is a junior at East who enjoys playing rugby for the Chiefs Rugby Club and lifting with the girls. In her free time, she watches shows, plays video games, and goes to the movies with friends. She would like to get a job where she can both travel and write. In the meantime, she plans to graduate early and desperately hopes to get out of Illinois.
Troi Howell is a senior at East and a Co-News Editor for the Howl. When she isn’t writing, she can be found customizing various articles of clothing, such as shoes and jeans. She is Secretary of National Art Honor Society, Co-President of the Debate Team, and the 2019 Homecoming Queen. Troi has a passion for writing, and plans to pursue it in college. She also hopes to find a way to integrate art into her every day life, even though she doesn’t plan to study it. When she isn’t writing or drawing, she is usually procrastinating, and definitely needs to get back on track.
Kennedy Keaton
Kennedy Keaton, a senior at East, is currently a staff writer for the Howl. With a head full of purple hair, she’s trying to make her mark in the world one page at a time. Kennedy is passionate about animals, fashion, and learning new things.
Tanya Koomjohn
Tanya Koomjohn is a senior staff writer for the Howl. Tanya has a strong interest in Oswego East’s student body due to her involvement in a variety of activities. She ran cross country this year and has played soccer in school and for a travel team all throughout high school. Along with sports, Tanya has a passion for music and travel. Tanya hopes to pursue a career in journalism and attend a four-year university.
Vivian La is a current senior at East and serves as the Opinion Editor for the Howl. She first became interested in journalism after being on staff for her elementary school’s newspaper. In her free time, she enjoys playing instruments such as the flute, piano, or ukulele, reading novels, collecting postcards, and watching documentaries on Netflix. Vivian also writes the publication’s staff editorials.
Andrew Le
Andrew Le is a senior and a staff writer for the Howl. Having lived in Illinois his whole life, he is eager to travel to new places and discover different cultures. When he isn’t spending hours on homework, he enjoys listening to music, playing video games, and watching sports. He hopes to improve his writing style and become more comfortable as a journalist.
Allison McDowell, CO-NEWS EDITOR
Allison McDowell is a senior at Oswego East and is currently a Co-News Editor for East’s online publication the Howl. She currently shares the role of News Editor for the publication. As she makes her way through her final year at East, she hopes to continue her academic career at a four-year university studying nursing. When Allison is not at school, she loves to travel and visit her favorite mouse in Disneyland. She can also be found at work, teaching children how to swim.
Ian Mueller
Ian Mueller, senior staff writer for the Howl, wants to turn you on. Ian is interested in many things like music, counter culture movements, and politics. The goal of his writing is to turn you on to a new reality, one that is subjective to you and to help you abandon the controlled deviation of your forebears’ blueprint. The objective is to scrutinize everything you hear from the government, the news, school, and parents; otherwise, you are taking their intentional / inadvertent propaganda to heart with blind faith. Ian believes we are living in interesting times and sees his generation as that which will change the course of human history in his time, and this belief is what drives him to write.
Anuraj Nair
Anuraj Nair is a senior at East and a staff writer for the Howl. Originally from Boston, MA, Anuraj has a strong interest in sports — namely basketball and football –, politics, and science. In his free time, Anuraj enjoys watching movies, binging TV shows, and playing pick-up games.
Namratha Prasad, FEATURES EDITOR
Namratha moved from the small college town of Bloomington, Illinois, in 2012, and has been contemplating a career in journalism ever since. A student journalist for the Howl, Namratha is making it through her senior year. Aside from writing and homework, Namratha enjoys playing badminton to relieve her stress and binging Netflix originals. She looks forward to improving her writing skills and developing good journalistic habits.
Alex Prince
Alex Prince is a junior at East and is currently a writer for the Howl. His first spark of interest for writing occurred in eighth grade, when his English teacher encouraged him to enter his short story from class into the district writing contest. Subsequently finishing first in the fictitious short story category, Alex has been compelled to strengthen his writing skills and express his many, and sometimes scrambled, thoughts into tangible words for those around him to enjoy. Alex has a particular intent in people and their passions, leading him to become intrigued by movies, art, and music, in particular.
Reann Salazar
Reann is a junior at Oswego East. She enjoys writing creatively and although she is very shy, she hopes to get out of her shell and learn a lot about journalism through her experiences here. The junior still doesn’t know what she wants to do in the future but is considering a career in journalism. When she’s done with homework and not writing, she enjoys binging movies and shows.
Ben Schmidt is a senior, having moved to Illinois in 2013 and wants to go into a career in journalism or sports broadcasting. Ben has a strong interest for sports such as football, baseball, and basketball. In his third year on staff, his goal is to keep improving on the content he writes for the Howl. Ben will finish his high school journalism career as the publication’s Sports Editor. This is his second year in the role.
Ashita Wagh is a senior editor for East’s online publication the Howl. When Ashita is not working on a seemingly never-ending pile of homework, she enjoys gardening and taking care of plants to distract her from harsh Illinois winters. She can also be found baking way too many pastries (another feeble attempt to keep her feeling warm and distracted from winter), reading books about anything and everything, getting in long debates about politics, and writing odd poetry and short stories in a growing accumulation of journals. Ashita worked last year as the publication’s News Editor. She now brings her talents to the Arts & Entertainment section of this online publication.
Lucy Weiher
Lucy Weiher is a junior at East and is currently a staff writer for the Howl. Since she isn’t any good at math or science, she figured she should stick to something she’s decent at. She plans to study journalism after high school and is looking forward to getting out of Oswego. Born in Chicago to two parents that have a great appreciation for the arts, Lucy grew up writing stories, drawing, and reading practically every book on the library shelves. When she is not busy doing hours of homework each night, she participates in the theater program at OE as a member of crew, painting sets and fixing costumes.