Aryav Bothra
Aryav Bothra is a senior at East and is returning to the Howl for this third year as Editor-In-Chief. Part of clubs such as Model UN and Business Professionals of America, Aryav enjoys applying his communication skills through debate and business competitions. Outside of school, Aryav can be found experimenting with new recipes in his kitchen or trying out new restaurants around town. At the Howl, Aryav enjoys writing restaurant reviews, personality profiles, and political columns. He excited to continue being a part of the publication for his final year.

Vivian Campbell
Vivian Campbell is a junior attending Oswego East High School. She has prominent experience in rigorous AP and honors classes. Vivian´s extracurriculars include Book Club, National English Honors Society, Student-Athlete Leadership Training, the East Volleyball Team, and more. She has had training to write at a higher level and excels in creative writing but here for the Howl, she is exposed to all and any styles. Vivian finds comfort and interest in writing and is serious about her contribution to others through her work. Vivian, always eager for opportunities to compose has experienced this from a young age, intrigued in music pieces and poems which indulge in creativity which she will pass to when working with the Howl.

Beliah Christian
Beliah Christian is a senior at East and a new writer for the Howl. She participates in a variety of clubs and activities at school including Business Professionals of America, National Tech Honor Society, Société Honoraire de Français, and Varsity Badminton in the spring. Her interests lie with the business world, where she hopes to become a corporate lawyer and study business law. Beliah’s interest in writing has increased since being in high school, and she hopes that writing for the Howl will stem a passion or hobby for it in the future.

Kelsey Gara
Kelsey Gara is a junior at East and is a writer for the Howl. When she’s not on TikTok, hanging with friends or listening to music like Frank Ocean and Tyler, The Creator, Kelsey is working diligently in her challenging classes and practicing her instrument for the band. Her plan for the future is to start writing screenplays for major motion pictures, TV shows and plays in New York. She has been interested in writing since she could hold a pencil, and could not be more excited to start writing for the Howl.

Charles Jaegle

Payton McCullum
Payton McCullum is a senior at East and a writer for the Howl. Payton is a musician in Oswego East’s band program. He participates in the school’s jazz band, marching band, and wind symphony. Payton is also a member of OE’s boys’ volleyball team. When he isn’t competing as an athlete or performing as an artist, Payton likes to read and write. Payton is very excited to be a part of the Howl for the 2021-2022 school year.

Grace Praxmarer
Grace Praxmarer is a junior at East and a new member to the Howl. She competes as a varsity athlete on both the cross country and track team and one day hopes to compete in the Chicago Marathon. When she is not occupied with school and athletics, she has a passion for traveling and the outdoors. She has visited 29 states and plans to visit the other 21 in the future as she pursues a career in photojournalism. While she currently lives in Illinois, she plans to move away immediately after senior year to one of the many beautiful places she has visited – the top of the list being Colorado. She is excited to kick off her journalism career as a member of the Howl.

Annika Srivastava
Samantha Trujillo
Samantha Trujillo (better known as Sam or Sammy T), is a writer for the Howl. She spends most of her time either consumed in her work or playing for the school volleyball team.

Savina Trujillo
Savina Trujillo is a junior at Oswego East and writes for the Howl. She is active elsewhere in the school as a member of the National English Honors Society as well as on the varsity volleyball team. Savina also stays busy with taking AP English and History classes and competing in club volleyball.  She looks forward to contributing her love for writing in this year’s publication of the Howl.

Jackson Wezeman
Jackson Wezeman is a junior at Oswego East and a new member of the Howl staff. For the past two years, Jackson has been a swimmer on the Oswego Swim and Dive team. While not swimming, Jackson watches baseball and football, and is a fan of all Chicago sports teams. Jackson also takes an interest in music, where he plays the drums, piano, and guitar. He also plays drums in his church band. Jackson has always taken an interest in creating things. Whether it be making music, doodling, or news articles, Jackson loves to express his creativity and personality. Jackson is excited to bring his creative passion to the Howl.

Teddy Wynard

Teddy Wynard is a senior at East and is a newcomer to the Howl staff. The previous two years he has been a part of the Yearbook Staff and took his writing adventure to the next step with joining the Howl for his first year and also being a part of the Yearbook staff for his third year. He is currently the managing editor for the Wolf’s Eye and enjoys writing the most in his classes. Teddy’s passion for writing struck gold his sophomore year when East won the SPC Journalism Conference. He enjoys covering sports and movie/tv show news the most and looks to bring his writing skills to the Howl this year.