Varsity Wolves defeat Panthers, 82-49, in annual Crosstown Challenge

Junior guard Mason Blanco shoots for the Wolves at the crosstown varsity basketball game on Friday. “We played good as a team, and we moved the ball well,” Blanco said. Photo courtesy of Colleen Olson.

Winning comfortably 82-49, the varsity boys’ basketball team came back in black on Friday against Oswego High School’s Panthers.

Heading into the crosstown game, the Wolves were undefeated, with the Panthers coming off their first win of the season, and a record of 1-5. 

As the game began, the Wolves lost the tip off but regained control of the ball, and after quick plays from the Wolves, the Panthers were forced into an early timeout, the score 9-3. 

The first quarter was a blowout, the Wolves going into the second in the lead 23-7. 

Senior Patrick Robinson even spent some time in the first period without a left shoe on. He said that the energy of the Wolfpack really helped the team play so aggressively and create such a big lead against the Panthers. 

“I feel like we came out really strong in this game,” Robinson said.

Going into the second quarter, the Panthers continued to struggle, the Wolves going point-for-point before heading into the half 37-21. 

Despite the Wolves’ offense, they were giving up some easy points, with some wide open three-point shots being taken by the Panthers. 

The Wolves led by nearly 30 points with three minutes left in the third quarter, with a final score of 82-49. 

Junior guard Mason Blanco had to admit that despite the offense the Wolves displayed, the defense could use some work. 

“[We could work on] better defense,” Blanco said. “We gave up a lot of points, and I think we can do better than that.”

According to junior guard Damon Allison, much of the Wolves’ success that night was attributed to the energy of the Wolfpack, decked out in black as part of the night’s theme.

“[I like] the environment. It’s so crazy. I just love it,” Allison said. “Everyone wants us to win. It’s awesome.” 

Head coach Velasquez said that he loves the energy that the Wolfpack puts on during these games. 

“I told the guys before the game when you get out there, take a look around, because you haven’t experienced anything like this,” Velasquez said. 

With a winning streak and the spirit of the student section behind them, the varsity Wolves are looking promising going into Week 4 of the season. 

The Wolves will take on Yorkville Christian at their home court on Tuesday, December 14th.

Jackson Wezeman is a staff writer for Oswego East High School’s online news magazine the Howl

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