Varsity Wolves defeat Romeoville at their senior night celebration

Vivian Campbell, among her other senior teammates, celebrated her senior night on October 11th before facing Romeoville in a match that resulted in another victory for the Wolves. ¨This program has given me memories forever,¨ varsity captain Campbell said. Photo by Grace Praxmarer. 

High spirits and celebrations filled the night of October 11 as the girls varsity volleyball team claimed victory against Romeoville. 

Not only did they win their ninth consecutive game in a row, but the team hosted senior night in order to acknowledge all of the seniors who have been a part of the program. 

The game started with even efforts from both sides of the courts, but the momentum slipped away from the Wolves as they lost the first set 23-25. Senior starter Samantha Trujillo said many of the girls were probably not in the right headspace entering the first set due to the emotions that lingered from the senior night celebration. 

¨We brought big energy tonight,¨ Trujillo said. ¨I think we just started off slow because we were a bit emotional and sentimental from all of the speeches in the beginning, but we knew we had to finish.¨

Their efforts did pick up in the second set as they managed to secure a win, bringing the game to a third and final set that would determine the winner. 

The third set ended in a victory for the Wolves with nearly a 10 point lead on the Spartans. 

Senior Megan Maier credits Easts volleyball program for the teams´ successes and said she would not be the person she is today without her various coaches or teammates supporting her throughout her career.

¨I feel like everywhere that I´ve been, I´ve needed it in order to develop to be who I am today,¨ Maier said. ¨I’ve needed all these people that I’ve met along the way and the coaches that I´ve had.¨

High school athletics can be extremely memorable for participants throughout their four years – not only can it be the most time consuming activity, but Trujillo said the program led her to some of her best friends and is her favorite thing at East. 

¨I honestly wouldn’t change anything about my experience here with Oswego East volleyball,¨ Trujillo said. ¨It’s been so fun and I´ve been playing with these girls since we were little; we gel so well together on the court and just have the best time.¨ 

Head coach Dina Beamon said the way the girls have come to care for each other is a skill and lesson she hopes they carry on beyond even high school. 

¨I only hope this program has helped shape [the seniors],¨ Beamon said. ¨But honestly what I have seen is that it´s shaped them just as loving people. Everyone doesn’t always play and everyone’s not always happy but what I have seen from these girls is that they go above and beyond for everyone else.¨

Recently, the Wolves had broken a school record for the most wins in a regular season. After defeating Romeoville, this record now stands at 23 game wins. Senior captain Vivian Campbell said she plans to continue playing volleyball in college since this program gave her memories that she and her teammates will cherish forever. 

¨High school is always a very important time in people’s life and especially our senior year, breaking records and being undefeated in conference, it´s something we will never forget,¨ Campbell said. 

Coach Beamon said this group of seniors is extremely special and that beyond breaking school records, they hope to continue on to gain a regional title. 

¨They´re dynamic, the way they work together and the love they have for each other is kind of the biggest difference,¨ Beamon said. ¨Playing this sport is about life, it’s not just about volleyball.¨

The Wolves are hoping to continue their nine consecutive win-streak this Thursday as they travel to compete against Plainfield East. 

Grace Praxmarer is a Staff Editor for Oswego East’s online news magazine The Howl.

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