Varsity Wolves Claim Their Fifth Season Win Against Plainfield South Cougars

Kaili Chaval, Nicole Warbinski and Cayley Layman defend their hoop leading into the halftime. They managed to hold a lead, entering half at 32-20. Photo by Grace Praxmarer.

Despite a two-game losing streak, the Varsity Wolves corrected their mistakes and shot their way to victory Thursday evening, comfortably winning 61-55 against the Plainfield South Cougars. 

Immediately tipping off the game, the Wolves gained a lead, consistently being about 10 points above the Cougars for the duration of the game. 

Junior point guard Maggie Lewandowski was the highest scorer of the game, having over a third of the team’s overall points. More importantly though, she said her main priority was keeping the team in a positive mindset and encouraging them at all times. 

“I feel like I bring a crucial energy to the team,” Lewandowski said. “Especially with a younger team it’s important to be someone who can bring their energy up.” 

With an unfavorable 5-16 record, senior Maggie Schiltz said it was important for the team to win tonight’s game in order to reach their goal. At the practice prior to this game the team placed a goal: to win four of the next eight games. 

“We were able to win tonight because we transitioned really well,” Schiltz said. “We got back on defense quickly and then were able to push the ball forward and we got a lot of baskets that way.”

With this goal in mind, 6 ‘0 junior Ava Valek said the team is capable of winning many of their upcoming games, but need to prioritize their team chemistry on the court.

“The season’s coming towards an end but I want to win as many games as possible so we can go into the playoffs really strong,” Valek said. “But I also just want to improve our team as a whole, like just working on communicating and being able to play as a team rather than just as individuals.”

While winning games is a favorable outcome, head coach Abe Carretto said his main goal for the Wolves is to just keep improving. He said the girls played really well tonight, running the floor and moving the ball around well but his focus remains on the upcoming games and the playoffs. 

“We definitely have some good senior leaders who come off of the bench and are really good role models,” Carretto said. “But really, it’s just about getting better each game and trying to get ready for the playoffs now and with such a young group of girls, it’s also about preparing them for next year.” 

The girls hope to build a winning streak this Saturday afternoon at home versus Naperville Central. 

Grace Praxmarer is a staff editor for Oswego East’s online news magazine The Howl

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