SD308 Hosts their Monthly “Parents and Children…Empowered” Meeting

Dr. Ferney demonstrates how a balloon represents children’s self-esteem when dealing with their dreams. “When parents bring in different judgments of their children, they ultimately impact their self esteem and their future.” Photo by Itzel Gutierrez.

On Wed, Jan 18, Sd308 held the first meeting this month regarding “Parents and Children…Empowered” in East’s community room. 

This meeting’s main focus was “The Respect that Parents Want…The Love that Children Need” which generated new information for the parents that attended the meeting. 

Parents shared several emotions throughout the presentation. From expressing their own feelings about their children, to pondering about their past and listening to what Dr. Ferney had to say. 

“I learned that we should understand our children, and create a trust that can help them change their behavior,” parent Monica Cruz said. “As someone who has two children, I want to understand my children, and these meetings help me realize what is best for them”

Dr. Ferney’s teachings on Wednesdays’ meeting helped parents realize that the love that they give their children is ultimately what creates their childrens’ self esteem, which is crucial for their own future and dreams. 

“The most important thing is what we give our children” parent Concepcion Barrogan said. “This is what helps our childrens’ future and influences them to make good or bad choices” 

Throughout the presentation, the lead speaker, Dr. Ferney Ramirez, provided examples and videos to help parents understand the concepts of his teachings. The meeting itself brings several learning tools for parents that want advice from a psychologist to understand their childrens’ behavior.

From direct conversations with parents throughout the meeting, everyone in this program finds a way to put their input in every situation and help the parents learn how they teach their own children. Dr. Ferney likes to keep a comfortable atmosphere throughout the meeting, ultimately influencing the parents to open up about how they feel. 

“Every time I talk to a parent, or an adolescent and they tell me their problems, I establish ideas for my presentations” Dr. Ferney said, “Then, I start to realize that if one family is going through these problems, there may be several other families that share the same feelings.”

“Parents and Children…Empowered” is a Spanish speaking program for parents that are looking for more efficient ways to communicate with their children. These monthly meetings also provide an English translator for those who would like to join and learn more about parenting strategies. 

Program Director Renee Sartore, was inspired to start an SD308 program after seeing success in other districts. 

“I want parents to simply learn to be the best parents they can possibly be,” Sartore said. “I want families, and the community overall to unite and to become stronger altogether ”

These ongoing meetings are still planned to aid parents, and help them express their feelings towards their children. The next meeting will be at Oswego East on Wednesday, Feb. 22

Itzel Gutierrez is a staff writer for Oswego East’s online news magazine The Howl

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