Local movie theaters face decline in attendance

Kendall 11 on Valentine’s day attracts several moviegoers but others decide to stay home instead.

The immense decline in movie theater attendance has created several questions as to why it is occurring. Whether it’s due to the new technology advancements and the efficiency of staying home, or the overall feeling of staying in to watch some classics, 49% of movie goers aren’t attending anymore, following the pandemic. 

During COVID-19, people stayed home to watch movies due to being quarantined. Although it was expected for everything to go back to normal following the release of vaccines and declining mask-mandates, people got used to the idea of enjoying films at home. 

James Kramer, a senior at East currently working at Kendall 11, a local theater, shares his opinions on the reasoning behind the decrease in moviegoers. 

“When I first started, there was really nobody coming to the theaters because of COVID,” Kramer said. “Now, I think that’s definitely because of, once again, the streaming services. It’s just more convenient to watch a movie at home instead of going out and spending money”

With the increase of streaming services’ popularity, whether it’s Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, or one of the many other streaming options, the ease of staying home instead of spending money in the movies is more efficients to movie watchers. Although the streaming services are far more expensive than one movie ticket, they provide more films for different audiences to watch. 

Now that the future generation are inclined to watch everything on a technological device due to the ease, portability, and cost effectiveness, there is not much admiration for attending the theater. 

Junior Abigail Hernandez shares that she finds watching movies at home more comforting, and efficient for saving money. 

“I do enjoy watching a good movie at the theater,” Hernandez said. “But after COVID, I got used to watching movies at home, so nothing really compares to the comfort of watching movies in your living room without having to pay for the movie ticket” 

This decline in movie attendance has also created a sense of nostalgia surrounding the traditional aspects of watching a movie.

“I find it kinda sad that this is happening because I feel like a lot of kids won’t get to experience seeing films and movies in theaters,” Kramer said. “Being able to experience it like it’s the first time you’re watching it, is very special to me”. 

Now due to the holidays, the question is whether or not people will stay home or go out to watch a movie for Valentine’s day. Since the local movie theater Kendall 11 is releasing the 35 year anniversary of Titanic, they still aim to contribute to some classic romances for people to enjoy. 

Senior Aidan Danan, a previous worker at Kendall 11, shared that he personally finds the environment at the theater unbeatable. 

“I just enjoy a classic night at the theaters, and the rush of watching a new movie, or old movie, the conventional way,” Danan said. “Now that Valentines Day is approaching, I find an appreciation for going out, and spending time with loved ones enjoying a film on the big screen”

Itzel Gutierrez is a staff writer for Oswego East’s online news magazine The Howl.

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