East hosts Welcome to the Pack for incoming freshman

OE students welcome the incoming freshman to the school, sharing a piece of advice they wished they’d know. “Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone because you could meet new people that could end up being your best friends,” Appah said.

Thursday, April 13, OE hosted the annual Welcome to the Pack event, introducing incoming freshmen to the school.

Led by four students, incoming freshmen were given the opportunity to tour the school and ask questions to upperclassmen. Students were also given the opportunity to play games in the gym and take part in social activities like icebreakers in order for them to make new connections.

Junior Crystabel Appah expresses how this event was a great opportunity to get accustomed to East.  

“I wanted to lead this event because I would have wanted upperclassman to give me high school advice when I was an eighth grader,” Appah said. “I wanted to be a part of something that helped to get them accommodated and comfortable with OE.”

While the students toured, parents attended four breakout sessions covering information on what resources are available for them and their children as they experience this change. These also included scheduling information for course catalog policies and procedures and credit requirements, while also emphasizing the role of the counselors in the school.

Assistant Principal, Margaret Darnell, described the importance of parental involvement in their children’s education, and how the event prepares both incoming students and parents for the upcoming school year. 

“The goal of this event is to not only allow incoming freshmen an opportunity to see the school and do some team building, but there are sessions for parents, as well,” Darnell said. “This event provides an opportunity for parents to learn about various aspects of school life such as athletics, AP and Honors courses, where to find answers to questions, and other areas of interest.”

Following tours, students returned to the main gym where they were able to receive further advice from the upperclassmen, including some things they wished they knew before and tips to ensure a good school year.

Junior Maya Nagarathnam explained the importance of socializing in high school, and overall placed emphasis on the advice that upcoming students should know to have a successful high school experience. 

“I shared that you really need to try and branch out because you won’t always have middle school friends in your classes, and that clubs and sports are really important for meeting new people,” Nagarathnam said. “Some other leaders talked about the importance of time management, staying on top of your grades, and thinking long-term.”

As OE welcomes a new class of students August 16, incoming freshman will have another opportunity to familiarize themselves with the school and their peers by attending the Wolves 101 Bridge Program in late July and early August.

Aryanna Griffin is a staff writer for Oswego East’s online news magazine The Howl

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