Key Club fundraises for inaugural senior scholarship with food truck fest

Students and family enjoy their meals from local food trucks in support of Key Club’s first senior scholarship. 

Key Club hosted their food truck fest on Thurs, Apr. 14 to raise money for the inaugural Key Club scholarship. 

Since the community service oriented organization consistently donates their time throughout the year, club sponsor Mrs. Alexandria Gohla wanted to reward students that volunteered with a scholarship opportunity. 

“Key Club has not historically had a scholarship at East. As Key Club we put in so much time and effort for service to the community and give back so much and don’t really see a lot tangibly back,” Gohla said. 

For their inaugural fundraising event for the scholarship the club was able to attract several vendors in the community to donate their time and proceeds. 

“We have seven different vendors. The range from donation one hundred percent of proceeds to different portions of sales,” Gohla said. 

Twenty-five Key Club members worked in volunteer shifts organized by club president Alisha Kahn said.

This being the first year for the scholarship it is exclusively being offered to the seniors on the board of Key Club. As the club continues to develop the scholarship they hope to make it more inclusive for other students. 

“Whatever we raise today is going towards that scholarship. Right now it is going to be for the four seniors on the board. Whatever we raise is going to be split between the four of them. And then hopefully as time goes on then it can be offered as a senior scholarship, not necessarily just for the board members,” Gohla said.

The four seniors on the board have been heavily involved with Key Club throughout their high school career. They organized events and used communication skills to give back to the community. 

“I’ve been on the board since junior year. As president my main job is to facilitate meetings, so meeting presentations and things like that. I’m also the main liaison between the board and Mrs. Gohla to plan any events,” Kahn said.

Key Club continues to charm students that are dedicated leaders to be part of their organization. They have underclassmen that are excited to be part of the club with the many opportunities for service the club offers and continues to expand upon.

“You’re working with such great people. It’s a very dynamic club. There’s so many different opportunities for community service that are so unique,”  freshman Andrew Madrano. He was elected treasurer for the club next year. 

Maureen Zywicki is a staff writer for Oswego East’s online news magazine The Howl

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