SD308 Hosts their Final “Parents and Children…Empowered” Meeting

Dr. Ferney demonstrates how children and parents can unite by using their eagerness to learn. “There is always something that can bring parents and children together, it’s just up to the parents to put in the effort to continue these strategies”

SD308 hosted their final “Parents and Children…Empowered” meeting last Wednesday, Apr. 20, after implementing monthly meetings since October. 

After having parents participate in small personal discussions regarding their children, and parenting skills, this event has been an eye opening experience for several parents. Whether the topics are regarding children’s mental health or just parenting tips, this meeting has created a variety of opportunities for parents to learn their children’s needs. 

Mother and SD308 teacher, Maria Enara, expressed the importance of Dr. Ferney’s words and how they have impacted her parenting and teaching skills. 

“I always try to use his strategies immediately,” Enara said. “I have learned that motivating children, asking them how they’re doing, inspiring them to continue to study, and overall being a part of their lives, has a greater impact on their lives than anything else.” 

Throughout these meetings, Dr. Ferney interacted with every parent to create a comfortable environment. By doing this, he found it easier for parents to open up and truly understand each other and what they can do better in the future. 

“Unity has been created throughout these meetings since the parents relate to what I talk about,” Ferney said. “They see that what I say is the truth, and they notice that they aren’t motivating their children to become better people, which ultimately helps them realize what they can do as role models.”

From reminiscing on past experiences, looking forward to learning from Dr. Ferney, or letting out the emotions that parents were having, these meetings continue to break a variety of communication barriers throughout the community. 

After noticing the outcome of these new monthly meetings, Director Renee Sartore plans on continuing these meetings for the 2023-2024 school year. 

“These events went great and I was proud of the amount of success it has had so far,” Sartore said. “Every night we were crying from our different emotions, and it touched our hearts in several ways.”

Itzel Gutierrez is a staff writer for Oswego East’s online news magazine The Howl

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