BPAC Hosts their Annual Day of the Dead Event

Children and Parents unite to work on their loteria game at East View’s Day of the Dead event. Photo by Itzel Gutierrez. 

On Thursday, Nov 2, BPAC (Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee) held their annual Day of the Dead event at East View Academy, welcoming over 100 parents and students. 

From loteria (lottery) to Mexican cultural beverages and conchas (sweet Mexican bread), this event combined the Dia de los Muertos traditions into an event for the community to part-take on. 

BPAC board members, Diana Calvillo and Jessyka Quintero, acknowledge the importance of celebrating Hispanic culture throughout the community in order to learn more about SD308’s heritage. 

“The importance of this event is twofold,” Quintero said. “It is important to us, as BPAC board members, to create events such as the Día de Los Muertos to keep our families connected to their culture and celebrate something that’s important to them. As well as to introduce this beautiful celebration to others in the community.”  

With this being BPAC’s largest celebration following COVID, they extended the invitation for new community members to be elected as new board members of BPAC. 

Throughout the night, families came together by playing loteria and having awards to congratulate the winners for the night. 

SD308 parent Laura Acosta found this event as a learning experience for her own culture as well.

“I never really grew up celebrating el Dia de los Muertos,” Acosta said. “Although I wasn’t used to all of the traditions, I found it rewarding to be able to learn more about my own culture through my community.” 

Whether it was sharing a concha with their loved ones, playing loteria, or lining up for festive drinks, the SD308 community united to commemorate the Hispanic culture.

BPAC member Diana Calvillo emphasizes the importance of sharing this night with the community and celebrating cultural diversity within the community.

“Many families came to us at the end of the event and thanked us for creating a ‘memorable and touching’ experience for them,” Calvillo said. “It truly fills our heart to hear such feedback from our bilingual families.”

BPAC is planning on continuing this tradition and expanding their Day of the Dead event for years to come. 

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